About SimplySEO


Sometimes referred to as “the original search engines”, Librarians have been organizing and making information accessible to people for thousands of years. As a Librarian, I understand the importance of providing access to information. Creating access to your business for those who are searching for it is the goal of SimplySEO.

Providing access is key to connecting people to what they need and want.  Having a wealth of information, collected and organized for those who need it, does very little good if it is not easily accessible. Creating open pathways to that information allows information to be accessed quickly and easily. I have spent most of my career making information accessible to people. 

In much the same way, search engines strive to provide accurate, relevant information to people who search the Internet. By optimizing a website, we are making it easily accessible to search engines and to people who are searching for the product or service being promoted by the website.

My expertise in the library field lends naturally to Search Engine Optimization, helping to provide accurate, relevant information to search engines and customers who are searching for goods and services through the Internet. I have spent many years working in the library field, helping connect people with information. I bring that experience to the SEO field, helping to provide access to your website to customers who are searching for your products and services.